Ride Health Raises $6.2M Seed Round For Healthcare Transportation

Imran Cronk, the founder of Ride Health, wants to make it easier for patients to get a ride to and from the hospital, a problem he says makes disadvantaged populations miss or delay medical care.

“That made me curious about the role of mobility and transportation in moderating somebody’s access to care and ability to get home,” Cronk told Crunchbase News.

Ride Health connects health plans and healthcare providers to transportation options, whether that is an Uber (which the startup has partnered with) or a mom and pop transportation company in a rural area that doesn’t have ride-sharing cars.

Per Ride Health, an estimated 3.6 million Americans miss or delay healthcare each year because of transportation issues, costing around $150 billion.

Cronk said that Ride Health helps transportation companies with the nitty gritty, nuanced clinical workflow of requesting transportation within healthcare programs.

It has a whole arm, Uber Health, to make it easier for providers to schedule transportation for patients from various backgrounds.

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