This Drone-As-A-Service Startup Just Raised $32M

The network teamed up with Raleigh-based drone tech startup PrecisionHawk to use sensors to cut through the fog and canopy on the jungle floor.

The startup, founded in 2010, offers software and hardware to customers across various industries, from agriculture to energy, deploy drones.

CEO Chasen explained how the company works on the data collection phase (or, the part that happens when you see a drone flying around in the sky).

Using PrecisionHawk hardware and software, an operator can fly drones over a certain area and capture data.

Lidar sensors have long been looked at as an important cog in the autonomous machine market, which includes not just drones but also self-driving cars and ground robots.

PrecisionHawk offers lidar sensors, but also software and consulting and thus a more holistic experience.

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