Substance abuse affects about 15% of American employees, Path wants to ensure they get help

And it’s why he has launched a new company called Path, which pitches access to specialized substance addiction treatment professionals as an employee health benefit, to do something about it.

While Alcoholics Anonymous and rehabilitation facilities provide one solution, Bruno says that neither one has the scope to address the enormity of the problem.

The idea is to provide near-instant access to specialized providers of substance abuse treatment as a benefit that employers can offer to their staff.

— have a substance abuse disorder,” says Bruno.

The founding team at Path, which includes Bruno and Gabriel Diop, who heads partnerships, and Greg Moore, who leads product development, all think of substance abuse treatment as an access issue.

“Today the health insurance company would give a list of in-network providers and it’s up to the patient to figure out where to go [and] 50% of time they go out of network,” says Bruno.

“Put simply, Path plans to work with the best addiction treatment providers across the continuum in the U.S., which is exactly what is needed.

Not only can Path help to roll out access to treatment at scale, but the company can also reduce healthcare costs for companies, according to Bruno.

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