Austin’s Osano Gets $5.4M To Help Companies Comply With Changing Data Laws

Founded in November 2018 by Arlo Gilbert and Scott Hertel, Osano says it’s “building the first platform for data privacy transparency.” Austin VC firms LiveOak Venture Partners and Next Coast Ventures co-led the round, which brings the company’s total raised since inception to $8.4 million.

In a phone conversation, Gilbert explained to me why Osano believes the CCPA is actually more of a national law.

Either way, getting compliant with the law is “really challenging,” according to Gilbert as companies for years have been operating under the premise that they didn’t have to do things like ask about data, or give people access to their data.“Companies didn’t build technology stacks to support that and the vast majority have buried their heads in the sand about it,” he told Crunchbase News.

Osano offers an open source pop-up cookie tool for free that has been used by over 750,000 companies to secure 3.5 million websites.

Operating under a similar model as Fortnite (the video game), Osano draws people in with that free tool and gives them the option to upgrade to more security for a monthly charge.

And that open source tool draws more than 1 million visitors a month to our website, so it’s also helping push people to our paid platform.”

But the company insists that its mission with the open source tool goes beyond just drawing users to its site.

“As laws like CCPA become commonplace, companies are scrambling to keep up with their vast networks of vendors.

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