New York’s ERA invests in esports org Gen.G

He signed a partnership with dating app Bumble to create Team Bumble, an all-female professional Fortnite squad.

A big reason for the disparity here is that the gaming community isn’t generally a safe environment for female gamers, in big and small ways.

Beyond general principles about equality, the female gamer is a lucrative demographic that has yet to be properly tapped by any particular esports org, publisher, or otherwise.

Another forward-thinking move by Gen.G is its recent partnership with the University of Kentucky to help create and manage its esports program.

We’ve seen startups like PlayVS look to build out the infrastructure and connective tissue that will eventually bind education and professional sports, as has been the case with traditional sports for generations.

It also gives the esports org a strategic partnership with ERA, which invests in super early stage tech startups.

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