GameClub offers mobile gaming’s greatest hits for $5 per month

For $4.99 per month, mobile consumers will be able to access a library that includes some of the best games to have ever hit the App Store.

It’s a way to subscribe to actual App Store games, similar to Arcade.

And like the games offered on Apple Arcade, they don’t have ads or any in-app purchases.

At launch, GameClub’s library includes more than 100 titles, with around half that available for play today.

It’s a selection that extends across gaming categories, like Action, Arcade, Puzzle, Adventure, Platformer, Retro, Role Playing, Simulation, Strategy and more.

Sherman, GameClub CEO, has worked in the gaming industry for around 17 years, including time spent at EA and his own startup, Tilting Point.

“A lot of companies make a lot of money through a very small number of genres and game experiences — to the exclusion of a lot of other types of genres that GameClub is bringing back — action, adventures, arcade, tower defense — anything that can be completed.”

Thanks to Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass, consumers are now comfortable with the idea of the subscription model for mobile games.

And other services — like Spotify Netflix, and Xbox Game Pass, for example — have pushed the idea of subscription access to content across platforms and genres.

GameClub is different from Arcade, however, because it’s not funding the development of content upfront — at least, not yet.

Its service also benefits Apple, by offering subscription access to quality games that couldn’t thrive as free-to-play titles.

Longer-term, GameClub wants to produce its own original content and offer its service across platforms, starting with Google Play, but eventually tackling PC and console gaming.

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