Legalpad Raises $10M To Help Immigrant Entrepreneurs With The Visa Process

To make the immigration process less opaque for entrepreneurs, Seattle-based startup Legalpad has raised a $10 million Series A led by Amplo.

Hailing from Techstars, Legalpad works with other early stage startup accelerators to help talent stay in the country after they graduate from programs.

Legalpad may be pricier than a traditional law firm, but they are faster, said Itucas, the company’s co-founder and an immigrant herself.

During an interview I did last year on the topic, Paul Boyer, general counsel and lawyer for Seattle’s Ideoclick, explained how the high expense would likely keep that startup from going through the process of hiring foreign talent in the future.

He estimated that Ideoclick spent upward of $6,000 to help one worker navigate the process to get work authorization.

The attendees were asking for advice on how to navigate the immigration process, explaining their stresses, or sharing their confusion.

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