Funding For These Startup Sectors Was Way Down In 2019

While the fourth quarter still has a couple chilly days left, totals for the year to date show pretty robust venture funding levels for U.S. and other regions, offset by declines in China.

A Crunchbase News analysis shows a number of major categories – including hardware, blockchain, delivery and electric vehicles — that are poised to show big year-over-year declines.

Per preliminary Crunchbase data1, U.S. hardware raised $1.97 billion in seed through late stage venture funding rounds in 2019.

If we factored in funding rounds for startups such as Nuro, a developer of autonomous robotic vehicles that raised $940 million in February, the 2019 totals would be much higher.

Crunchbase data shows investor enthusiasm for crypto and blockchain deals remains far below peaks hit several quarters ago.

For the first two-thirds of the year, private investors put an estimated $2 billion to work across at least 472 known rounds globally, per Crunchbase analysis (not including initial coin offerings (ICOs)).

Food delivery is a tough category for making a profit, but in recent years it’s been a pretty lucrative one for raising venture funding.

So far this year, food delivery companies brought in $3.85 million globally in venture and seed funding across at least 125 funding rounds, per Crunchbase data.

Colombia’s Rappi had the largest single venture capital funding round of food delivery companies in 2019, bringing in $1 billion in its Series E round.

So far in 2019, venture investment in electric vehicle-focused companies totalled $8.8 billion, with just over $5 billion going to Chinese deals.

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