HackerRank acquires Mimir, an online platform for computer science courses

HackerRank, a popular platform for practicing and hosting online coding interviews, today announced that it has acquired Mimir, a cloud-based service that provides tools for teaching computer science courses.

“HackerRank will work closely with professors, students and customers to help student developers learn, improve and assess their skills from course work to career,” Vivek Ravisankar, the co-founder and CEO of HackerRank, told me.

HackerRank argues that the combination of its existing services and Mimir’s classroom tools will “provide computer science classrooms with the most comprehensive developer assessment platform on the market; allowing students to better prepare for real-world programming and universities to more accurately evaluate student progress.” The idea here clearly is to expand HackerRank’s reach into the world of academia and expand the talent pool for its customers who are looking to recruit from its users, but Ravisankar also noted that he hopes the combines strengths of HackerRank and Mimir will allow students to combine their academic learning with market learning.

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