Volterra Emerges From Stealth With $50M To Help Apps Scale Acoss Public Clouds

We hopped on the phone with CEO and founder Ankur Singla who told us the company had actually raised (in stealth mode) a $20 million Series A in November 2017.

More investors continued to show interest, he said, and although Volterra didn’t formally announce a Series B raise, it raised an additional $30 million-plus over the past two years.

The venture interest is understandable; the cloud is only becoming more important to the world of technology; no young company wants to build their own infra-footprint, and with the cost of a real global server footprint at scale running in the dozens of billions of dollars, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Alibaba are becoming de facto pillars of your next tech project.

Volterra currently works with Amazon, Google and Microsoft clouds and will be adding some “from China” over the next 12 months, Singla said.

The company plans to use its new capital primarily on product development and expand its go-to-market team, according to Singla.

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