Q3 2019 Diversity Report: Over $20B Invested In Female-Founded, Co-Founded Startups This Year Alone

Jennifer Neundorfer, a founding partner of Jane VC, which invests in women founders, is in the process of raising ten times her initial fund.

As Neundorfer works to raise $20 million for her next fund, there’s a greater trend in her favor: according to Crunchbase data, over $20 billion has been invested in female-founded and co-founded startups so far in 2019.

The remaining $15 billion, according to Crunchbase data, went to startups with female and male co-founders.

The year-to-date numbers put 2019 on track to be the second-best year for dollars invested into startups with a female founder and co-founder, excluding the $14 billion outsized round in 2018 into female-founded Ant Financial.

So far this year 44 supergiant rounds (those of $100 million or more) have gone to female-founded and co-founded companies.

The company raised a $110 million Series D round in August, as reported by Crunchbase News .

Glossier, a female-led company valued at $1.2 billion dollars, is another example of how long it takes to raise nine-figures.

Founder Emily Weiss told Crunchbase News that when her company was founded five years ago, “beauty wasn’t a category that many [venture] firms were interested in exploring.” Then 2018 came, and it “was a record year for venture funding in the beauty industry.”

Female founded and co-founded companies took home 16 percent of Series A dollars invested in 2019.

CEO and Co-founder Dr. Iman Abuzeid raised a $15 million Series A round led by Andreessen Horowitz.

It raised an $11.4 million Series A funding round led by Scale Venture Partners in September.

Looking one step further on the venture maturity chart, female-founded and co-founded companies took home 16 percent of Series B dollars invested in 2019.

Overall 13 percent Of Invested Dollars Go To Female-founded And Co-Founded Companies

In 2019 through Q3, 13 percent of invested venture capital dollars went to female co-founded startups, up from 10 percent in 2014.

While the data doesn’t quite reflect the sort of proportional change we expect — yet — seeds are being planted in a time where we see billion-dollar companies led by women founders.

(Note: In addition to “male” and “female,” Crunchbase has over two dozen other gender tags.) Based on an analysis of current data for this report, more than 80 percent of dollars raised in the last five years are associated with companies that have founders.

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