A bike lover’s take on the Cowboy e-bike

Electric-bike maker Cowboy recently let me spend a couple of weeks with one of their e-bikes.

It’s a well-designed e-bike that makes biking effortless, even if you’re going uphill.

It features a seamless triangle-shaped aluminum frame, integrated lights and a low-key Cowboy logo near the saddle.

Most of the weight is at the back of the Cowboy e-bike because of the battery.

You start your engine at a green light, ride as quickly as possible, brake aggressively at a red light and spend more time waiting at intersections.

Cowboy will start selling custom-designed fenders for €89 in a few weeks ($100).

Another thing worth noting is that you have to be relatively tall to use the Cowboy e-bike.

When it comes to connectivity, the Cowboy e-bike isn’t just an electric bike — it’s also a smart bike.

Unless you’re going on a long bike trip, range isn’t an issue for city rides.

This is a great feature for people living in apartments as you can leave your bike at its normal parking spot and plug the battery at home.

Overall, the Cowboy e-bike is the perfect commuting bike for people living in large cities.

If you’re looking for an e-bike, you should definitely consider the Cowboy e-bike as one of your options.

If you’re happy with a normal bike like me, the Cowboy e-bike is 100% an e-bike.

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