This app waits on hold for you

DoNotPay helps you get out of parking tickets, cancel forgotten subscriptions, and now it can call you when it’s your turn in a customer service phone queue.

Skip Waiting On Hold comes as part of the $3 per month DoNotPay suite of services designed to save people time and money by battling bureaucracy on their behalf.

For Skip Waiting On Hold, DoNotPay built out a database of priority and VIP customer service numbers for tons of companies.

It’s like “a body camera for customer service calls” Browder says.

Customer service disputes where it contacts companies about refunds for Comcast bills, delayed flights, etc The free trial credit card that auto-cancels subscriptions before you’re actually charged Traffic and parking appeals where it generates a letter for you based on answers to questions like if signs were too hard to read or there was a mistake on the ticket Hidden money discovery that finds refunds in your bank fees, identifies forgotten subscriptions, gets you free stuff on your birthday, and more Government paperwork assistance that can help you get DMV appointments and fill out forms Skip Waiting On Hold

Browder hopes that with time, companies and governments will make all these chores easier for everyone.

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