Roundup: Investments To Watch From Our 2019 Seed Series

To quickly recap, we talked with Accel, #Angels, BBG Ventures, Cowboy Ventures, The Engine, Floodgate, Homebrew, Lerer Hippeau, NFX, UnCork Capital and UpWest.

Here is the customized Crunchbase Pro list of Seed Series Companies To Watch organized by last equity funding amount from smallest to largest.

Blameless raised a $16.5 million Series A in March 2019 led by Accel and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

“What Blameless is building is a command and control for engineers, DevOps leaders, product leaders to be able to collaborate by Slack, pull in all the relevant metrics that they’re seeing from different infrastructure monitoring problems, and then push fixes as quickly as possible.” said Natarajan.

Secondly is Transcend, a data privacy technology company that raised a $4 million seed round in April 2019 from Accel.

“That is a whole set of infrastructure solutions, and front end consumer facing tools that Transcend will build and sell for any company,” said Natarajan.

Modern Fertility raised a $15 million Series A in June 2019 led by Kirsten Green of Forerunner Ventures.

Most recently it has raised a $24 million Series C in June 2019 led by Founders Fund.

Vic.ai raised an $11.2 million Series A in September 2019 led by GGV Capital.

“Textio is a company that currently has a product that looks at your job postings, and is able to analyze the text of the job postings and help you to write them in a way that they’ll be more effective,” said Wang.

Textio raised a $20 million Series B in June 2017 led by Scale Venture Partners.

Commonwealth Fusion raised a $115 million Series A in June 2019 led by Breakthrough Energy Ventures, with Future Ventures, Khosla Ventures, and The Engine along with other investors.

Kytopen raised a $3.6 million seed round in May 2019 led by The Engine and Horizons Ventures.

Cheetah last raised its Series A for $29.9 million in October 2018 led by Hanaco Venture Capital and Floodgate.

Shield AI raised a $25 million Series B in August 2019 led by SVB Capital.

Finix raised a $17.5 million Series A in July 2019 led by Insight Partners.

“We think of it as democratizing access to a financial services infrastructure, helping a whole generation of software companies create more value for themselves and their employees and their customers,” said Patel.

K Health last raised a $25 million Series B in December 2018 led by 14W, Comcast Ventures and Mangrove Capital Partners.

“They allow people to buy residential houses for cash,” said Currier.

Ribbon raised a $30 million Series B led by Greylock Partners in October 2019.

“They’ve created a platform play, and then they’re working with pharma and agricultural companies to develop diagnostics and therapies to edit change in a responsible way,” said Currier.

Mammoth Biosciences raised its $23 million Series A in June 2018 led by the Mayfield Fund.

“Companies can aggregate a bunch of email, text accounts and any communication into one single chat inbox where teams can collaborate and have way more efficient customer support,” said Clavier.

Front raised a $66 million Series B led by Sequoia Capital in 2018.

CyCognito recently raised an $18 million Series A funding in Nov 2019 led by Lightspeed Venture Partners.

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