Who To Work For: The Wealthfront List Of 178 Private Companies To Join

Wealthfront Founder and CEO, Andy Rachleff has had a career in venture capital for 25 years, including 10 years as Co-founder and Partner at Benchmark.

With his career in venture, building courses in technology entrepreneurship, and running a company that helps manage short and long term finances, Rachleff maintains that “nothing has as big an impact on their finances as their career choice.

And that’s why we provide this list is to help them make better career choices, and the intent is to create goodwill.”

According to the report, if you want to work in a start-up or plan to start your own company, there is no experience as valuable out of school than joining a mid-sized company that’s likely to be very successful.

“And the reason that’s important, is that you get more credit than you deserve for having joined a successful company in your career and you get less credit than you deserve for having worked at an unsuccessful company,” according to Rachleff.

From this high profile venture list, Rachleff admits we are going to miss a few companies, but never more than a handful.

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