Last Week In Venture: Luggage Luggers, Supportive Sweepers, And $400 College Credits

Let’s take a look at some deals from the week that was in venture-land.

If you’ve ever wished the airport baggage check-in desk could just come to you, and you so happen to be in Barcelona or Madrid, there’s BoB.

Bag on Board (aka Bob.io), based in Madrid, picks up luggage, shuttles it to the airport, and checks it in.

Baggage is picked up from the luggage carousel at the destination airport, as if the traveler checked it in themselves.

Bob.io also works with online travel agencies, hotels, and apartment rental platforms to promote its service.

Bob.io raised €3 million (about $3.33 million USD) in new funding this week.

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Sweepr is a startup which aims to help companies offer better technical support for smart home products by analyzing the devices connected to someone’s home network and helping determine where the problem lies.

Started by Aaron Rasmussen, founder of online learning company MasterClass, Outlier.org is a Brooklyn-based startup which produces online courses, dynamically-generated problem sets, and testing tools.

Outlier.org raised $11.7 million in Series A funding in a round led by GSV Ventures.

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