A highly subjective list of some of this year’s notable young startups

I’m also keeping the focus on fairly young companies — they’re mostly only seed-funded at this point — that represent a wide variety of industries and markets and that (with one exception) disclosed their funding in the last couple of months, as did many hundreds of other startups.

Apostrophe, an eight-year-old, Oakland, Calif.-based dermatology telemedicine startup that makes it easier to receive medications and treatments over the phone, announced $6 million in seed funding earlier this month led by SignalFire, with participation from FJ Labs.

The company has raised $1.7 million in seed funding, including from the Amazon Alexa Fund, and I like that it’s good for the world, good for building owners and tackling a very big industry.

So far, the company has raised $6.5 million in seed funding led by Upfront Ventures, with participation from Comcast Ventures, and Anthony wrote about it last month.

BuildOps. This is a 1.5-year-old, Santa Monica, Calif.-based maker of a field service and business process software platform for small and mid-size subcontractors working in commercial real estate that has raised $5.8 million across two tranches of seed funding, including a round that closed this fall.

Medinas is a two-year-old, Berkeley, Calif.-based marketplace for reusable medical equipment, which is right now largely sold directly by equipment companies that mostly just list what they’re looking to sell in what seems like an awfully clunky approach.

Medinas raised $5 million in seed funding a couple of months ago, led by NFX.

This year-old, Boston-based wholesale commerce platform is trying to help small food and grocery businesses stock their shelves with local and emerging brands, which sounds kind of quaint — even boring — but is actually a huge opportunity as envisioned by Arik Keller, whose last company was acquired by Facebook.

So far, the company has raised $3.1 million in seed funding.

It’s a 4.5-year-old, San Francisco-based data analytics startup that says it’s creating a microbial map of the world for everything from food to textiles to counterfeit goods to determine from where they came.

Worth noting, Phylagen is a little further along in its fundraising “journey.” It closed on $14 million in Series A funding earlier this year, including from Cultivian Sandbox, Breakout Ventures and Working Capital.

The fact that this startup raised seed funding — $3.85 million in November — from top game makers, including Supercell, Tencent, Riot Games, Miniclip and Colopl Next, also means a lot.

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