How Latin American Entrepreneurs Are Changing The Region, One Business At A Time

Latin America’s growing startup ecosystem stands out because of how the region is using the combination of technology and business to build a foundation for a future that is better than what countries in this region have historically seen.

International VCs like Sequoia Capital, Capria Network, Naspers and Didi Chuxing are heavily investing in the region — a testament to the potential this region now holds.

From Tencent’s recent deals with fintech firms like Brazil’s Nubank and Argentina’s Ualá to SoftBank’s announcement of a $5 billion fund for Latin American startups, VCs and private equity funds are going for the kill despite the risks.

Performa Investimentos‘ decision to invest in the company shows how VCs are ready to bet big on unique business models such as Home Agent’s.

International investors like SoftBank and Capria bring in discipline, innovative model thinking, and access to global markets to achieve the startups’ complete potential.

With technology giving them required elbow room to fuel change, and investors giving them the access and support fuel for their ambitions, Latin America’s startups have it in them to make history in the near future.

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