CES awards cannabis company then bans it from mentioning cannabis when exhibiting

CES awards cannabis company then bans it from mentioning cannabis when exhibiting And you can put your weed in there

Keep Labs won an Innovation Award Honoree award for CES 2020 but is banned from saying the word “cannabis” on the CES show floor.

The CTA, the trade group behind CES, told Keep Labs it could only exhibit if the company’s signage, marketing materials and the product is free from cannabis product and paraphernalia.

Keep is a product designed explicitly for cannabis, and this is the first time a company centered around marijuana has won an award from CES.

The company is currently featured on the CES website, among other Innovation Award Honorees, where the word “cannabis” is used throughout the description.

It looks like a smart speaker with a clock, but if you engage the biometric lock, the top opens, revealing several storage containers for cannabis products.

Wilkins told TechCrunch the company is in the middle of mass-producing the product and looking for additional distribution channels, as well as venture capital investors who understand the need and cannabis space.

Cannabis and e-cigarette products are historically banned from CES.

The trade association issued TechCrunch the following statement: “There are no cannabis or e-cigarette products on the exhibit floor at CES, as the show does not have a category pertaining to that market.

Given cannabis is not a category at CES, the company was able to exhibit under the terms they’d showcase their product as a storage device,” adding later “Keeps Lab (sic) fit in the Home Appliances category for the Innovation Awards.”

Exhibiting at CES can lead to significant growth for companies.

And for cannabis companies looking to make deals, there are few legal locations where they can demonstrate their products.

The CTA told TechCrunch at the time that the Lora DiCarlo Osé does not fit into existing product categories, and the company should not have been accepted for the Innovation Awards Program.

TechCrunch confirmed at the time the CTA also prohibited Lora DiCarlo from exhibiting at CES, citing the company doesn’t fit a product category.

This year’s show will be sexual wellness company OhMiBod’s tenth year exhibiting at CES.

In years past, the company launched wellness products, including a Kegel exerciser and, in 2019, when Lora DiCarlo was banned, an Apple Watch-controlled vibrator.

By awarding it with one of its top honors, the CTA is celebrating the responsible use of cannabis.

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