FPV Robotics debuts Waver drone to inspect infrastructure on land, on water, and in the air

Japanese startup FPV Robotics is leveraging drone technology to address a growing global need: Inspecting aging infrastructure in an effort to avoid major issues like unexpected bridge collapses.

FPV Robotics can’t magically repair this aging infrastructure or prevent natural disasters, but it can deliver on-demand, flexible monitoring and inspection at a greatly reduced cost compared to current methods.

Komagata, an engineer with a focus in drone development, envisions Waver being able to address challenges with aging infrastructure not just in Japan, but globally, though FPV’s initial focus is on the market opportunity at home.

Ultimately, he hopes that Waver and other drone technology FPV Robotics brings to market helps to “make the world a better place,” and addressing challenges like infrastructure inspection is definitely a good place to start.

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