Huami and Studio take on Peloton with the Amazfit HomeStudio treadmill

Chinese wearable company Huami and fitness startup Studio are teaming up to build a connected treadmill, which they unveiled today as part of Huami’s keynote as CES.

Baptiste (who previously founded mobile publishing company Onswipe) told me that with his vision of making running more fun and accessible to non-runners, he’s always seen creating a treadmill as part of Studio’s roadmap, allowing the startup to offer a fitness experience that’s truly “immersive and personal.”

And while Peloton sells a connected treadmill with a 32-inch screen, Baptiste said most treadmill makers are “manufacturing companies or device makers, something without great software or content or community.” He added, “We wanted to get the content and software right before we ever thought about doing anything with hardware.”

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