As Google Buys Fitbit, A Look At Its M&A And Investment History

What we found is that the Fitbit deal marks the company’s fifth known acquisition this year.

That appears to be a slightly slower pace of purchasing when compared to 2018, when Google made nine known acquisitions, according to Crunchbase data.

In its 21-year history, Google has made 236 known acquisitions.

In 2014, it picked up 31 companies (its record, according to Crunchbase data).

In 2019, Fitbit aside, Google has picked up a few venture-backed startups and one non venture-backed company: Socratic, a mobile learning app, for an undisclosed amount.

This year, marks Google’s busiest when it comes to investing so far, as you can see in the chart below.

It’s interesting to see that Google’s acquisition pace is slowing, while its investment pace is picking up.

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