Boston-based NeighborSchools Raises $3.5M Seed For Affordable Childcare

Garsh explained that the company’s tech platform and support team “work with each caregiver to guide them through the state licensing process, business setup, home setup, marketing, and on-going operations.” The company makes money by signing a revenue-sharing agreement with each caregiver they support, and according to the website, caregivers can “earn up to $90,000 a year doing what you love.”

While the platform doesn’t cover the costs of certain child care certifications, Garsh said that NeighborSchools walks caregivers through the complex process.

One of the company’s main competitors is corporate childcare facilities, which Garsh said are “not affordable and not accessible.”

“Unfortunately, that means that parents are paying a lot of money, and that money isn’t going into the caregivers pockets.” That’s where, she said, they found the idea for a model like NeighborSchools.

Keeping childcare in-house through the home daycare model is “more affordable for families, and provides caregivers with more money.”

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