Scanwell Health launches smartphone tests for UTIs in partnership with Lemonaid Health

The company was founded by Stephen Chen, who literally grew up in the diagnostics testing business.

Through this window into the market, Chen knew that there was a way to circumvent the time-consuming process of booking a doctor’s visit to get a test scheduled and performed.

Working with a team of technologists, Chen built a software product that can provide the same analysis of a test kit using a smartphone’s camera and an app that would have been performed in a brick and mortar diagnostics testing facility.

So far, Scanwell is the first company to receive clearance from the Food and Drug Administration for its tests, and the only company to receive clearance to be sold over the counter, according to Chen.

Through its partnership with Lemonaid Health, a telemedicine provider for consultations with nurse practitioners and physicians, customers can get diagnosed using the Scanwell app and receive a consultation and a course of treatment all from the comfort of their home.

For Scanwell, it’s the culmination of a three-year journey to bring their first diagnostic test to market.

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