Should you pay $50K for your pitch deck? Yes, why the hell not?

Such as it was for Primary Ventures investor Jason Shuman, who commented on the recent prices for pitch deck advice in the Valley today:

Founder friend just told me that SF deck designers have quoted him between $20K to $40K + the right to invest up to $250K…my mind is officially blown — Jason Shuman 👟 (@BoatShuman) December 20, 2019

And indeed, in a world where more and more founders are worried about a bubble; assets are more, let’s say, Notionally expensive than ever before; and everything just seems a little bit crazy these days, it seems downright, fucking insane to think that a PowerPoint file and some “thoughts” are worth tens of thousands of dollars, and a goddamn term sheet to boot.

For sure, not every pitch deck consultant is worth top dollar, any more than not every croissant in New York’s West Village is worth $10.

Framing a startup’s thesis, product, team, and market exactly right is a qualitative skill that can’t be learned from reading a book or scanning through a founder friend’s deck or two.

A good pitch deck consultant may barely move the needle on a fundraise, while a superstar may not just get you a better term sheet, they may fundamentally transform the entire course of your startup’s trajectory.

And of course, it’s not just pitch deck consultants who can do this.

Paying tens of thousands of dollars for a pitch deck consultant isn’t a prerequisite for securing a venture capital round.

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