Workplace learning platform HowNow scores $3M funding

Designed for organisations that want to support teams with self-directed learning and the development of “business-critical” skills, HowNow is described as an integrated learning platform that autonomously curates learning resources, “business intelligence” and market insights that live in various internal and external sources.

The idea is to bring together these different learning resources — ranging from “nuggets” of knowledge shared by existing employees to internal data to external content libraries, blogs, podcasts — and match these to different job descriptions and employee skill-sets.

“Based on self-review, peer-review and real-time job market data we build the user’s skill profile as they onboard the platform,” explains HowNow co-founder and CEO Nelson Sivalingam.

This content is brought together from a variety of their internal sources (G Drive, Sharepoint, CRM, etc), external sources (content libraries, blogs, podcasts, etc) and the autonomously organised knowledge shared by their peers directly on HowNow”.

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