Augmedix Raises $19M To Streamline Physician Services With Automated Note-Taking

One healthtech startup aims to help address those problems with a platform it claims gives clinicians more time to focus on their patients, rather than taking notes.

That company, Augmedix, which describes itself as a medical note documentation startup, announced today it has raised $19 million in a Series B round to help it achieve its mission.

Using augmented reality, the company turns natural clinician-patient conversation into medical documentation in real time.

The Augmedix platform is powered by a combination of proprietary natural-language-processing technology and medical documentation “expert teams,” according to the company.

Then, tech-enabled remote specialists use proprietary automation modules to generate medical documentation that Augmedix claims “is accurate, comprehensive and timely delivered.” The service currently works with over 25 specialties and supports most electronic health records (EHRs).

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