Venture capital firm Redpoint hires a ‘head of founder experience’

As access to top deals becomes more competitive, venture capital firms are creating new roles to attract top entrepreneurs.

Historically, VC firms hired investment partners to network, invest in companies and help foster those companies’ growth over a years-long period.

Increasingly, these same firms are identifying new talent to provide to founders more attention, resources and support through the company-building process as a means to win access to top deals.

Earlier this month, True Ventures hired its first-ever vice president of culture, Madeline Kolbe Saltzman, who explained she would be guiding “the company and the founder to being the best they can be.” Bryant, for his part, will have a host of responsibilities, including supporting existing programs and services tailored to the needs of portfolio founders, and even remodeling the office to create a better “flow” for founders.

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