YouTube founder secretly building sports fan game GreenPark

He envisions a new way for fans to play by watching live and cheering for the athletes they love.

Beyond a few scraps of info the YouTube co-founder would share and his new startup’s job listings revealed, we don’t know what Hurley’s game will feel like.

“There is an absence of compelling, inclusive ways for large masses of sports fans to compete together” Hurley tells me.

We’re looking at a much bigger, inclusive way for all fans of sports and esports teams to play.”

Rather than just tabulating results after the match like in fantasy sports, GreenPark wants to be entwined with the spectacle as it happens.

“We’re going to be working with a mix of ways to visualize the live game – from unique gamecast-like data to highlight clips.

Hurley tells me “We are in the perfect storm of the thirst for innovation at the traditional league level, the next level of maturing for esports, investment in sports betting and overall dire need to better understand today’s largest populace of sports fans – Millenial / Gen Z.” The closed beta launches in the Spring.

Publications like The Athletic have proven there are plenty of fans willing to pay to feel closer to their favorite teams.

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