Grafiti, A Search Engine For Charts, Raises Nearly $1.6M In Pre-Seed Funding

Its stated goal, to build the leading search engine for charts and data visualizations, belies a broader mission: to help people surface insights from a mass of mostly-structured, increasingly visual information sources.

Grafiti has gone through a couple of iterations, launching first as a chart-making tool for data savvy people to talk smack with numbers on the internet and re-emerging as a search tool for data visualizations and other forms of visual information, like slide decks and research reports.

Mustafa told Crunchbase News that the company has indexed over 500,000 charts from over 3,000 verified sources.

He said that Grafiti has ingested over 4 million charts, but that many of those data visualizations weren’t from credible sources, were poorly labeled or otherwise failed to meet the platform’s quality standards.

Grafiti released a Slack integration in August, and the company expects to launch integrations for platforms including HubSpot, WordPress, and Microsoft Teams.

Grafiti is currently trialing enterprise access to its platform, giving companies a self-contained instance of its information tagging and visual search functionality, to accelerate internal teams’ research and analysis processes.

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