Last Week In Venture: Distributed Biometrics, Connecting The Campus, And A Search Engine For Work

It’s easier to re-use the same password for multiple services.

With offices in New York, Singapore, and London, Keyless is a cybersecurity company aiming to use biometrics and a distributed cryptographic storage and validation protocol to make passwords a thing of the past.

Keyless raised $2.2 million in a pre-seed round led by gumi Cryptos Capital which saw participation from Xpring, Ripple, LuneX Ventures, and Blockchain Valley Ventures.

According to a press release announcing $2 million in seed funding, the company is developing “a new personalized semantic search engine for your work.”

It seems like every couple of years a startup comes along to improve higher education by creating another communication channel between students and teaching faculty.

This week, the company announced $3.6 million in funding from Betaworks, Bloomberg Beta, Precursor Ventures, and Rethink Education.

Individuals participating in the deal include Discord founder Jason Citron, First Round Capital partner Rob Hayes, and others.

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