A Biotech Company Gets $100M For The Future of Pig-To-Human Transplants

Some of the original CRISPR – a modern, advanced gene editing tool – engineers think that pig organs could be the saving grace.

EGenesis is a Boston and Leverkusen, Germany-based biotech company using cells, livers, hearts and lungs from other animals to create human-compatible organs.

Egenesis’ total known venture capital funding is now $138 million, per the company.

In August 2017, eGenesis’ Church (a professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School), “generated more than a dozen pigs that were bred without certain viruses that had made many of their organs unusable for human transplant,” according to Time.

However, for now, the company is resting its business, and future, on potentially upending a transplantation industry that could save millions of lives.

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