Newly launched pet health startup Gallant wants you to bank your dog’s stem cells for $990

With $11 million in funding and a mission to open up the doors of regenerative therapies to dogs across the nation, the Los Angeles-based startup Gallant is now opening its doors for the first time.

The company was founded by DogVacay founder and chief executive Aaron Hirschhorn after seeing his own pet’s struggle with debilitating illness and knowing firsthand that regenerative medicine and stem cell therapies could help.

Through the investment, Gallant was able to acquire the veterinary division of Cook-Regentec, including the animal medicine division’s intellectual property, existing stem cell banking operations and their pipeline of cell therapy products derived from reproductive tissue.

According to Gallant, the veterinarians from its newly acquired business have treated hundreds of cats and dogs already with their own banked stem cells.

With Gallant, pet owners opt in to having their animal’s stem cells collected during a routine spaying or neutering procedure.

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