Skyryse shows off end-to-end autonomous flight technology with helicopter demonstration

You often see startups building new kinds of aircraft, with electric powertrains, multiple rotors for vertical take-off and landing, and more: Skyryse thinks the smarter approach is to start at a more fundamental – and comprehensive – level, building an autonomous technology “stack” that can work with existing, flight- and safety- certified aircraft.

The startup’s main product, which it is unveiling today, along with the demonstration below of the tech in action on a Robinson R-44 helicopter, is the ‘Skyryse Flight Stack,’ which includes simplified flight controls to either fully automate flight, or provide assistance to human pilots; flight control automation that can still operate safely even in case of failure; safe operational limit monitoring and intervention; connected, intelligent helipads that providing monitoring and alerts; and an air traffic control component designed to work with existing FAA systems.

Skyryse and its approach comes from Groden’s belief that city infrastructure has developed to the point where solutions about managing movement within and around them isn’t addressable simply by adjusting the grid or changing the flow of people and things along the paths of the network; instead, he thinks what’s needed is a much more basic perception shift about the potential solutions available.

Today, the company is demonstrating that its technology can already work with existing aircraft and air traffic management systems – that’s a promising achievement that shows more in terms of real-world feasibility than many of the new vehicle technology demonstrations you see in this industry.

Autonomous air transportation might be the solution that actually makes a difference, and Skyryse might be the startup that helps make that possible with its full stack approach.

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