Last Week In Venture: AI Chips, ML Anywhere, And Spreadsheets As Backends For Apps

This week, the company announced $15 million in seed funding led by Comcast Ventures.

Instead of developing software that runs on generalized hardware, the Toronto-based company makes specialized, high-efficiency inference chips utilizing a design which places the processor very close to onboard memory, reducing latency and energy use.

Glide Apps is a San Francisco-based, Y Combinator-backed company which helps its users build mobile apps which display and interact with data stored in a Google Sheet, all without needing to write a single line of code.

This week, the company announced a new pro pricing tier, alongside $3.6 million in additional seed financing led by First Round Capital, with participation from Idealab, SV Angel, and the chief executives of GitHub and Figma.

The company says that, since its inception in 2018, “tens of thousands of people” have built Glide apps which have, collectively, reached over one million users.

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