This startup just raised $7 million, led by Google, to authenticate people based on their typing style

TypingDNA, a four-year-old, 18-person startup that was founded in Bucharest, Romania and more recently moved its headquarters to Brooklyn, New York, has closed on $7 million in Series A funding for something interesting: AI-driven technology that it says can recognize people based on the way they type, both on their laptops and mobile devices.

In fact, asked how the company will use its new round, Popa says the plan involves “focusing on developers more, coming up with typing biometrics based products that can easily be integrated to solve various use cases, and helping banks and fintechs where regulation asks for biometrics as a second factor.”

As for what TypingDNA is doing that wasn’t previously possible, Popa says his team doesn’t need a huge body of work to draw conclusions, that they’re “able to look at very short and few samples of text in order to authenticate people with great accuracy.”

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