Colombian On-Demand Delivery Unicorn Rappi Hit With Trade Secrets Lawsuit

And, according to legal documents obtained by Crunchbase News, the trio making the allegations (who all hail from Bogota, Colombia) have also filed a formal complaint with the United States District Court in the Northern district of California on November 9, 2019.

In other words, the trio of businessmen believe that Rappi took their idea for an on-demand delivery company and represented it as their own.

He went on to note that he teamed up with Mendoza and Uribe to develop the concept into “a detailed business plan.” The trio, according to the complaint, says they agreed to “share equally any revenue generated by their new business idea.”

They decided to call their app “Kuiky.” In January 2015, the group says it contacted Imaginamos, a Bogota-based software development company, and ultimately signed a contract with Rappi co-founder Borrero.

Once the Kuiky creators had approved the final wire frames, the parties would enter a second agreement under which Imaginamos would develop the actual software code for the application to function, according to the court documents.

The last email between the Imaginamos team and the Kuiky creators is from April 23, 2015, and Plaintiffs are informed and believe and on that basis allege that Rappi S.A.S. was incorporated only days later on April 27, 2015.”

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