Pepper, founded by five Snap alums, has raised $5.6 million to help startups analyze their spend

Enter Pepper, an LA-based company that has sealed up $5.6 million in seed funding from Upfront Ventures, Lerer Hippeau and Manta Ray Ventures to help direct-to-consumer startups, along with other digitally native businesses, do just that.

It’s also worth noting that Pepper came together thanks in part to another company that TechCrunch featured earlier this year called Forge Platform — a company that was developing a new toolkit for distributed applications, was advised by Borow and that was founded by his former Snap colleagues Chris Lorenz and Geoffrey Anderson.

Borow is also quick to note that beyond the Snap employees who’ve launched the company, there are numerous former and current Snap employees who’ve either invested in or are advising Pepper.

Others of Pepper’s co-founders from Snap include its general counsel, Sean Friedland, who previously led Snap’s monetization legal efforts; and Daniel Druger, who previously headed up Snap’s revenue partnerships team (general counsel).

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