Last Week In Venture: Tackling Food Waste, Fitting As-A-Service, And Ghosting VCs

In the past two weeks, two ventures operating in the sector raised capital to tackle the problem of restaurant food waste.

Based in Beaverton, Oregon, Leanpath builds a suite of solutions for food service businesses to track food waste across the product lifecycle: from kitchen losses due to bad trimming or spoilage to the food that comes back on diners’ dirty plates.

Leanpath raised $7 million in growth funding this week from SaaS Capital.

On the other side of the pond is London-based Winnow, which last week raised $20 million in a blended financing deal.

The company said in a blog post announcing the deal that its customers save the equivalent of 23 million meals per year from going to waste by using its sensing and tracking technologies.

Last week, the company raised $12 million in equity financing led by Mustard Seed; Ingka Group, D-Ax Corporate Venture Capital, Circularity Capital, and The Ingenious Group participated in the deal.

Company founder John O’Nolan sat for an interview with successful solo publisher Ben Thompson on Thompson’s blog, Stratechery, to discuss the business model further.

Ghost has opted not to raise outside funding.

Writing on Ghost’s blog, O’Nolan said that “[w]e decided that rather than selling share capital and control of a business in return for money to operate, we would instead sell goods and services in return for money to operate.

Hemster sewed up $4 million in Series A funding led by Bullpen Capital.

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