How the business world is leading the charge to save the planet

We’re almost ten years out from the United Nations’ ambitious 2030 sustainable development goals—a blueprint to help us with challenges like access to clean water and combatting climate change—and there’s still a lot of work to be done.

Executives across industries are realizing that sustainable practices aren’t just good for the environment, they also help to future-proof supply chains, fuel new product development and build reputation, inside and outside of the organization.

Companies that choose to forgo integrating business practices that ensure sustainable sourcing, protect human rights, and reduce carbon emissions put themselves at risk with compliance agencies and consumer loyalty.”

To help, it took a cue from Silicon Valley and set up an accelerator, working with startup entrepreneurs worldwide on real solutions.

The startups receive six months of programming, mentorship from top scientists, academics, venture capitalists and corporate sustainability leaders, up to $100,000 to pilot their solution within the supply chain, and the opportunity for investment from AB InBev and partners.

The 21 companies that were selected to join the company’s 100+ Accelerator in its first year are already making headway on a variety of issues, from empowering farmers with new technology to making better use of wastewater.

The tech mimics how algae breaks down organic materials in rivers, and it’s helping companies use water more sustainably.

Companies worldwide are also zeroing in on sustainable packaging, a goal also part of the SDGs. For AB InBev, success means getting 100% of its products in packaging that’s returnable or made almost entirely from recycled materials.

Brazil’s Rodrigo Oliveira and his Green Mining startup are helping the brewer move toward that goal.

At startup Earthly Labs, CEO and founder Amy George has set out to solve the climate challenge by converting and avoiding CO2 emissions.

Solutions will help the industry as a whole — and the world, as we come together for a more sustainable future.

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